Повышение цены:
VK RU - 11руб.
Discord - 4.5руб.
Facebook - 7руб.
Microsoft - 3руб.
Telegram RU - 11руб.
Не в списке - 4руб.

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Partnership program

If you have software which working with our API you can get partnership payments for your users.

For activation partnership payments need to send request with information about your software for approval.

Name of your software:

Web page of your software:

Link to page with reviews about your program:

E-Mail (same as your account on our website):

Short basic functionality info about your software:

Approval your software can take 1-3 working days.
Service name ID Payments
Not in list ot 0.25 Р
OLX sn 0.25 Р
Tinder td 0.25 Р
Pandao nd 0.25 Р
Trivia pm 0.25 Р
Naver nv 0.25 Р
BlaBCar bc 0.25 Р
VK.com vk 0.25 Р
Discord ds 0.25 Р
Avito av 0.25 Р
Avito+Redir. av 2.5 Р
Youla yl 0.25 Р
Youla+Redir. ylr 2.5 Р
MeetMe uk 0.25 Р
Uber ub 0.25 Р
KakaoT kt 0.25 Р
Skout mt 0.25 Р
Mail.ru ma 0.25 Р
Line me 0.25 Р
WhatsApp wa 0.25 Р
Instagram ig 0.25 Р
OK.ru ok 0.25 Р
Yahoo mb 0.25 Р
Facebook fb 0.25 Р
Microsoft mm 0.25 Р
Steam sm 0.25 Р
WeChat wb 0.25 Р
AOL we 0.25 Р
Google go 0.25 Р
Telegram tg 0.25 Р
Tencent QQ qq 0.25 Р
Twitter tw 0.25 Р
Viber vi 0.25 Р
Alipay+Taob ap 0.25 Р
Yandex ya 0.25 Р